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Jacob McGuire – September 2017 Featured Artist

Originally from Chicago, Jacob McGuire (born Mèng Kǎijiā孟凱嘉) now resides with his Nikon D750 in Boulder, Colorado. His photography mirrors his worldview, exhibiting a profound appreciation for nature whilst critically analyzing humanity’s role within it. He endeavors to capture aesthetic moments of stillness, arresting space and time to reflect the solitude and quietude that bind us. Mèng moves beyond the silent observer, shooting what he sees, in order to share his experiences with others. By exposing our similar struggles, achievements, suffering and contentment, he aspires to generate greater awareness of and empathy for the human condition. Inspired by his educational background and professional experience in the field of human rights, Mèng allocates fifty percent of proceeds from print sales toward the direct funding of international development efforts. Earnings from the New Moon Bakery exhibit will be forwarded onto Prabhat Children’s Orphanage, a non-profit organization working to house and educate Dalit children in Pokhara, Nepal.